How to control the costs of your metal fabrication project

Eckmann Metal Fabrication

A metal fabrication project, while simple in concept–the creation and assembly of components from metal material(s)–can be expensive. Knowing the best practices when planning and conducting a metal fabrication project however can help you control those costs and keep the project within budget. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your metal fabrication project.

Simplified design

All fabrication projects start with a design, or at least an idea. The standard thought is that the simpler the design, the cheaper it will be to produce. When appraising your design, always of course seek professional advice before making modifications. Even if the design has to be complex, find ways to simplify it in a way that meets your needs and tolerances, with minimal waste. Getting an expert’s advice can assist you with this, as a certified fabrication shop will know areas where you can simplify the design as well as improve on it.

Planning ahead

There is a lot more that goes into planning a fabrication project than just the timeline. Having good drawings to present to the shop you choose will assist greatly in reducing overall costs. The project plans should also have the correct details that are important to the actual fabrication. Giving a plan to the fabrication shop that is bogged down in unnecessary detail can slow down the project. Also, make sure to plan for possible interruptions or difficulties that could arise

The right choices

There are a lot of choices that go into planning a metal fabrication project, and it’s important to make those decisions carefully. Some metal types can be far cheaper than others to machine, but you also want to make sure that the metal has the qualities your product needs. Also, it’s important to go with a fabrication shop that is experienced and qualified, as well as one that can complete most or all of the fabrication process within their facilities. This will help to reduce costs while guaranteeing that you get a quality product. 

Looking for a custom metal fabrication shop?

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