Eckmann Custom Products offers a complete fabrication service through our laser, press brake, welding, and ancillary products. Eckmann Custom Products provides services through our Bystronics Bysprint Pro 3015 laser, the Bystronics Xpert 150 x 3100 6-axis CNC Press Brake, Amada Vipros 375 turret punch, spot welding, mig welding, and tig welding. 

  • DESIGN FILES are downloaded directly from engineering to our fabrication equipment.
  • PROTOTYPE ORDERS – Laser capability allows us to meet prototype order requirements and enable changes to ensure the product will work before committing to production quantities.
  • SHORT-RUN ORDERS – Laser capability helps eliminate setup costs in mechanical presses, so orders for 1– 2,000 pieces are more competitive and cost effective
  • REDUCED TOOLING COSTS – Laser capability eliminates the need for blanking dies which significantly reduces tooling cost! Plus, any changes to the part are easily addressed.
  • ENHANCED PRODUCTION FLEXIBILITY – Lasers give manufacturing options for immediate changes to customer requirements.
  • PEM HARDWARE INSERTION - These fasteners provide strong, permanent attachment in metal as thin as 0.20 mm / 0.008". Installation involves any parallel acting squeezing force. Additionally, they have high push-out and torque-out performance. Add efficiency to your assembly time, decrease lead time, and improve assembly quality with PEM Hardware insertion.
  • ORBITAL RIVETING - Orbital riveting is excellent for making permanent assemblies. If you are assembling items that should never come apart, we can help you combine orbital riveting with custom assembly stations to create sturdy, high-quality assemblies that look uniform and neat. Another benefit of orbital riveting is a cleaner and more even surface finish of the final assembly due to lower impact and more consistent pressures over the entire rivet head, giving an extremely tight final assembly.


Eckmann Custom Products is pleased to announce the addition of Bystronic ByStar 3015 Fiber Laser. Eckmann values our current customers and looks forward to new customers by adding this laser to our fabrication department.

  • High-speed cutting in a class of its own, with 4000+ inches per minute
  • Oxidation free to 5/8"
  • Capable of cutting steel to 30mm or 1.18”, it even cuts highly reflective stainless steel and aluminum at 30mm
  • A wider range of materials can be cut, including copper at 12mm and brass at 15mm.
  • Lights out automation.
Bysprint Pro 3015 laser BBystronics Xpert 150 x 3100 6-axis CNC Press Brake Amada Vipros 375 turret punch