5 Facts About Steel Fabrication Companies

steel fabrication

Steel manufacturing is one of the most profitable industries across the globe. Even if you don't realize it, most businesses, no matter their industry, have a metal fabrication company that they rely on. Here are five interesting facts about steel manufacturing companies.

1. Steel Fabrication Is a Major Industry

There are lots of manufacturing jobs out there, but steel accounts for a large portion of the manufacturing industry. According to the U.S. Economics and Statistics Administration, steel fabrication makes up 12% of the manufacturing employment opportunities in the U.S. Not only are steel fabrication jobs readily available, but there are also a lot of companies that rely on these manufacturing companies for their own products.

2. Steel Is Used in Many Industries

The automotive, aviation, infrastructure, and construction industries are all reliant on steel production. Even small businesses that don't work directly with steel manufacturers often use products that can only exist with the help of fabrication work.

3. Steel Became Popular in the 1900s

While steel existed long before the 19th century, steel production really took off during the early 20th century, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute. The increase in steel production came with the invention of automobiles, airplanes, and lots of other things that needed steel to work properly.

4. Steel Mills Are Expensive

Starting up a steel mill costs a lot of money, which is why the large steel mills throughout the country are so important to the manufacturing industry. Without these major steel manufacturers, it would be a lot more difficult and expensive for many companies to manufacture their products.

5. Fabrication Includes a Variety of Techniques

With a large portion of manufacturing jobs being in the steel fabrication industry, it shouldn't be a surprise that a company in this industry has many ways of creating output. Once these fabrication companies get the steel that the mills make, techniques such as cutting, shearing, welding, forming, punching, and stamping are done to churn out products.

No matter what type of business you run, there's a good chance you work with steel fabrication companies in some way. This material plays a crucial role in the quantity and quality of products for many businesses. If you want to learn more about how our steel fabrication services can help your business, contact Eckmann Custom Products today!

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