The 4 Most Common Uses of Steel

steel fabrication

Steel fabrication is one of the most profitable businesses, yet so beneficial. Steel stands out as one of the most commonly used metals with varied benefits. From the building and construction industry to water and sanitation, steel is used in a plethora of different ways.


In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the most common uses of steel.


1. Building and Construction


The building and construction industry is one of the biggest consumers and supporters of steel fabrication. You can see steel in beams and internal support for houses. Steel is a hard metal, and can support heavy construction materials such as concrete and bricks.


It is also used to make household fittings such as taps, doors, hinges, and door handles. You can also find steel on the rooftops of most buildings, being used to support the roof. As a sturdy metal, steel is trusted to withhold the weight and wear and tear caused by aging and harsh weather conditions.


2. Water Pipes


Most underground water pipes are made of stainless steel. The metal doesn't corrode and is trusted to last many years. Water and sanitation companies have used steel to store and transport water for over 150 years, according to STI/SPFA.


The water tankers used to transport drinking water are also made of stainless steel in addition to the most common pipes in homes. Steel pipes and fixtures are durable and safe to store and transport clean water.


3. Furniture and Appliances


Most offices and homes have steel appliances and furniture. You can trust original steel to last many years, and give you great service. Offices buy steel chairs which are more expensive than other materials. However, this is usually a long-term investment as the chairs last longer than any other material.


Home appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, laundry machines and dishwashers have steel components on them. Steel doesn't rust and is the best metal for such appliances because they use water. It also makes them more durable than plastic-coated appliances.


4. Packaging


Most canned foods are stored in steel containers for preservation due to health concerns. Steel doesn't corrode and is great for storing food for long-term use. Items such as baked beans, canned milk and meats are stored in steel containers to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life. Steel can't contaminate foods and is the most trusted packaging material.


Steel is one of the most expensive metals, but it is also reliable for different industries. Fortunately, most steel fabrication companies use recycled steel instead of newly processed steel. Processing steel is an expensive venture, but steel is easily recyclable because it's not prone to destruction like other metals.

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